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Sterling Edge Financial

Financial Planner, Founder



Sterling Edge Financial is premier provider of financial advice, guidance and decision making strategies.  We give our clients a process to make better financial decisions.  We do this by delivering transformational financial planning experiences that are empowering, enlightening and empathizing with our clients financial life and goals.   

Our Philosophy, Mindset and Professional Perspective   

What makes Sterling Edge Financial different, is our ability to improve our clients' decision-making process. 

We believe in building, maintaining and updating efficient and customized financial decision making processes for our clients. 

We believe financial success, freedom and flexibility is built on developing, executing and maintaining specific financial habits, behaviors and processes to meet specific goals.

We see an opportunity to create immediate and ongoing value for our clients as they navigate and evaluate thousands of financial decision points, options, strategies and tools. 

Why we exist

  • We believe clients have limited time and resources to contribute to their purpose in life.  Our mission is to help create value for our clients finances and lives in order to give them more time and resources to put toward their the things that excite them.
  • We know you have many financial questions and decision points that are emotionally complicated, difficult and stressful.  We are here to guide you thought those challenges by providing ideas, courses of action and perspective to keep you moving forward in your journey.  

What clients can expect from Sterling Edge Financial

Objective Advice - We will help you make better decisions.

Proactive Perspective -  We will provide personalized financial recommendations, services and experiences to help you prepare for planned and unplanned changes and opportunities.

Education and Empathy - Our relationship gives you a place to have conversations about your life and finances.  Providing coaching, perspective, ideas and time to put your plan into place.  Aware of our emotional desires for change and our emotional capacity to change.  

Accountability - we will help you follow through on your commitments.  Providing reviews and courses of action to make progress in your financial life. 

Organization - we will help put all the pieces together.  Cash flows, investment, insurance, tax strategies and other items specific to your financial life.  

A sounding board for ideas, education and introductions to professional who can help you fulfill your purpose and life goals.