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Banking Ideas for July 2023

Banking Ideas for July 2023

July 18, 2023

Are you getting the most out of your bank? Checking and Savings accounts are not super exciting to talk about, however, this year we have found a lot of our clients have benefited from reviewing their current bank offerings to other market options and providers.  We see on average new clients are missing out on the ability to capture $500.00 - $5,000.00+ per year in additional interest at current rates.  

How?  Simply moving from Mega Bank A to Other Nationally Known Finance Company B.  

No gimmicks required.  No minimums.  We are talking FDIC insured checking and savings accounts paying 1% - 4.85%*.  

This summer is a good time to evaluate and review your banking relationship.  Interest rates are up and consumers with high cash balances could find themselves missing out with old checking and savings account that still yield below 0.5%.  The video below has a few ideas and platforms for consideration. 

Banking Solutions July 2023

For clients of Sterling Edge Financial, feel free to book a meeting for a personal recommendation.  For those just reading this blog for ideas, we recommend consulting with your financial planner or finance professional.