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Burn the Ships - Start Over - Embrace Failure

January 01, 2024

When you consider your journey, remember that the path that brought you here may not be the same one that leads you to your next milestone or goal.

Every day, you have the opportunity to evolve and grow. Who you are today is not the same as who you were yesterday.

When you seek financial advice, it's essential to approach it with an open mind. Make space and time to challenge and refine your thinking when it comes to financial choices. Embrace the emotional challenges that may arise and be open to evolving your selections. It's worth noting that this process can be quite challenging. Change is never easy, and evolving can be equally difficult. Adopting and sticking to new financial behaviors takes time, often requiring 66 days or more, depending on the specific changes you're aiming for.

If you're looking to build new habits, I highly recommend reading "Atomic Habits." It provides valuable insights into the science behind habit formation and can guide you on your journey towards positive financial changes.

Embracing change is a crucial part of the process. Understand that your desires and values may evolve over time; this is entirely normal and a part of being human.

Sometimes, the only way to revolutionize your situation is to acknowledge that what you're currently doing isn't working. It may require you to metaphorically "burn the ships," letting go of past failures, and forgiving yourself for them.

Remember, failure is not a setback; it's a stepping stone to progress and improvement. You can't grow or evolve without experiencing failure along the way. Sometimes, it's necessary to start afresh.

The first step towards your new objectives is to focus on finding that initial step, no matter how small it may seem.

At Sterling Edge Financial, we're here for our current and new clients, working alongside them in their financial journeys. We understand that progress isn't always easy; some steps may come naturally, while others will take time to emotionally accept and begin. Be patient with yourself, as some goals may take weeks, months, or even years to achieve. How it feels compared to how you think it should feel might be different, and that's perfectly okay. We're here to support you every step of the way.