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Sterling Edge Financial 2022 Improvements & Updates

January 17, 2022

Service Improvements and Changes in 2022

Sterling Edge Financial will be recommending a change in custodian to the majority of clients who are currently using NFS, Fidelity, Capital Group and Pershing.  We see these custodial platforms as behind the times.  They are not moving fast enough to support our clients needs for a secure online and mobile experience.  Their fee structures are not currently competitive and the manner we can implement our investment strategies can be executed, managed and monitored with a higher level of care at our preferred custodian providers.  


We will continue to use NFS, Fidelity and Pershing only in special situations that create additional value on a client by client basis.  


SEI Private Trust and AssetMark Private Trust

We will be transitioning clients to SEI Private Trust and AssetMark Private Trust in order to provide an elevated and enhanced client experience in the best interests of our clients.  Key improvements clients can expect: 

- Secure Mobile App 

- Secure Mobile Banking 

- Private lending solutions 

- Visually compelling performance reporting 

- Lower account fees (01.% - 0.4%) 

- Enhanced tax-management 

- Seamless integration with eMoney 

- Fiduciary and co-Fiduciary level of care, extensive financial due diligence and modelling

- Ability to DocuSign almost all required paperwork

- New investment strategy offerings that are built and designed to deliver environmentally, socially and corporate governance aware allocations. 

- Expanded investment offerings in ESG Investing.    

- New investment strategies that allow us to better align client investments with their personal values in a hyper specific manner.  

- Enhanced income strategies taking into account the low interest rate environment 

Current clients can contact us for additional prospective on these changes.  Prospective clients should consider the pros and cons of custodian selection with the help of an investment professional or financial planner.