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Objectivity and Independence

Sterling Edge Financial is a people first organization. We are not owned by a bank, insurance company, investment management firm, wall street or a private equity group. Our ownership and structure allow us the ability and freedom to provide objective advice and solutions that best serve your financial plan.

Our strategic partners are not captive to our business.  They must prove their ability to consistently serve our clients financial plans, needs and goals with the highest degree of care and consideration.   

Personalized Service in Person & On the Go 

We provide personalized client experiences in person, by Zoom.  We have clients nationwide and look to engage and serve clients who are driven to succeed and meet financial goals. 

Cost of Services

  • At Sterling Edge Financial we create unique individually designed and delivered Financial Planning experiences and engagements.  Our goal is to empower our clients to make more informed financial decisions.  Give them courses of action and advice to support their financial goals.  Provide on going professional accountability, guidance and recommendations to support their journey.

  • Prospective clients who go through our process will receive a no-obligation proposal for services that clearly outlines the scope of work, services and cost. If it makes sense we move forward and work together. 

  • A key difference at Sterling Edge Financial is our monthly subscription model, streamlined technology and ability to deliver highly detailed financial advice in an ongoing manner as your financial journey evolves, changes and grows. 

  • We have three different levels of Financial Planning starting at $150.00 per month for individuals and $500.00 per month for business owners. 

Qualified Referrals and Introductions 

Your financial strategy or plan may need or benefit from services we do not offer. Services such as but not limited to: tax preparation, tax advice, banking services, home loans, estate planning, business loans, book keeping, property and casualty insurance, health insurance and employee benefits. In those areas we are able to provide qualified introductions and referrals.

The Client Experience

The Client Experience

We serve as a guide to our clients purpose, needs, goals, aspirations and challenges.  What that means to us is to think and act big.  Anyone can do the work assigned.  We seek to do the work required.  The work required seeks to actively drive value for life outside of your day to day finances.  To do that we deliver engagements, advice, introductions and experiences to help you serve your greater purpose outside of your financial life.  We service to be the ear you can trust to discuss what matters to you most as your life evolves changes.