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29 April
Learn more about Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing


Join us for a 20 minute presentation on Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing. (ESG)

Where do you want to generate investment returns? How do you want to generate investment returns?  Join us to learn how you can refine your investment strategy to better align with your personal values.  

Socially responsible investing, social investment, sustainable socially conscious, "green" or ethical investing, is any investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about social change regarded as positive by proponents. 

Key Takeaways 
- What to expect when assuming an ESG Strategy 
- Types of ESG Strategies available in the market place
- Limitations of ESG Investing 
- Alternative ESG investments 
- ESG specific tax strategies 

In the past 5 years the ability to invest in companies and strategies with specific values has improved greatly.  Today the market place has lots of options to help investors avoid investing in companies and markets inconsistent with their personal values, the environment and corporate governance . 

Date and Time

Thu, Apr 29, 2021

10:00a - 11:00a CST




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