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Investment and Accumulation Strategy

Investments and Accumulation of Wealth

The accumulation of wealth is about planning your journey.  Building financial behaviors and making financial decisions to serve your desired outcomes.  A wealth accumulation strategy is a flexible plan to attain the financial resources necessary to sustain your lifestyle, fund life events and things you want and need along the way.   

Wealth Accumulation Strategy Review

Define current wealth accumulation strategy 

What is the purpose of our investments?  

Review current investment strategy 

Review current investment policy statement 

Review current assumptions & estimated rate of return 

Review challenges and risks to current strategy 

What rate of return is required of our investments to meet our goals? 

How much capital is required to meet our goals? 

How much do we need to save and where are we saving?  

Review wealth accumulation opportunities and processes

Is our investment policy statement inline with our financial plan?

Is there an opportunity to increase expected returns? 

Is there an opportunity to reduce investment risk? 

Is there an opportunity or need for additional diversification? 

Is there an opportunity to reduce tax obligations and taxable events? 

Is there an opportunity to increase after tax returns? 

Is there an opportunity to reduce investment fees/expenses?

Wealth Accumulation Strategy: Refinement and Implementation


Define a personal / family definition of wealth 

Define investment strategy and philosophy 

Impliment investment policy statement

Confirm progress toward financial and life objectives  

Confirm action plan and strategies to meet objectives 

Confirm emotional capacity to start wealth accumulation strategy 

Confirm financial capacity to start wealth accumulation strategy 

Investment Management 

Complete our survey below to help us understand how you currently manage your investments.

Survey - How do you Manage Your Investments?


Review management, monitoring, investor psychology and implementation 

What is our emotional capacity to implement investment policy statement?

Who is responsible for implementation of investment policy statement? 

Who is responsible for ongoing research and investment selection?  

Who will rebalance investments and asset allocation?  

What behavioral biases and feelings are we feeling now? 

What behavioral biases should we be aware of moving forward? 

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Action Items

Build timeline to implement recommendations and strategies 

Determine who and how to implement recommendations 

Implement recommendations 

Confirm actions and update information on file to reflect implementation

Establish plan specific milestones and future decision points

Establish regular review schedule

Discuss and affirm the reality of future plan changes and updates.  Life changes constantly and your strategy will most likely need to change or evolve over time.

Survey - Investment Risk Profile