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Employee Benefit Strategy

Employee Benefits

Employee benefit selections can be overwhelming and stressful.  Taking a set-it-and-forget-it approach can be a costly course of action.  We recommend reviewing your employee benefits annually.  Changes in your planning needs and the offerings of your employer are more common than not. Use the links below to find more information or book a meeting to discuss your benefits questions in more detail.  

"Plan for the worst-case scenario to make it as good as possible."  Ray Dalio 

Employee Benefits Strategy & Selection

Employee Benefits Strategy & Selection

"Powerpoints are the peacocks of the business world; all show, no meat." - Dwight Schhrute 

Feeling overwelmed by your employee benefit choices?  You are not alone.

Open enrollment and employee benefit choices can be overwelming.  Long PDFs, powerpoints and webites with a lot of information and little or no context to help you understand what is best for you. 

Sterling Edge Financial's process will provide you with recommendations, context and ways to make the most of your employee benefit options. As your options and financial plan change and evolve, so should your benefit strategy.  

What selections best fit your financial plan at 30, might cost you thousands of dollars by 35 or 50.

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Personal Lines of Insurance

Personal Lines of Insurance

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." - Mike Tyson

We are surrounded by uncertainty and risk. Many of those risks are simply too great for us to manage on our own. 

Fortunately, there are ways we can transfer a lot of our financial planning risk to someone who can afford it.  Taking into account your Cash Strategy and Employee Benefits Strategy, Sterling Edge Financial's process will provide you with recommendations and a course of action to understand what lines of insurance you need to protect your financial plan. 

These lines include health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance, property and casualty insurance and umbrella insurance.

As your financial plan evolves and becomes more detailed, your insurance needs may need to evolve as well.   





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Employee Retirement Benefit Options

Employee Retirement Benefit Options

“Plan for the worst-case scenario and make it as good as possible” – Ray Dalio

A study by ProPubica and the Urban Institute shows over 56% of workers in their 50s are laid off at least once or leave jobs under financially damaging circumstances. 

Only 10% of those workers ever earns as much as they did before their employment setback.

At some point we will not be able to work any longer or simply not want to work any longer.  If we are lucky, we will get to choose when we want to retire.

Sterling Edge Financial's process is designed to help you understand ways to save and invest for retirement. We help you become emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared for a change to a different use of your time after employment. 

Your financial plan is built on your cash flows. Your retirement plan is designed to keep your cash flows going after you stop working. 

We provide detailed guidance and recommendations on all types of retirement plans and retirement strategies.

(401k, 403b, 401a, 457, TSP, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Deferred Comp, etc.) 


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