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Step 3 - Benefits & Insurance Strategy

Benefits Strategy & Insurance Review

Benefits Strategy & Insurance Review

“Plan for the worst-case scenario and make it as good as possible” – Ray Dalio

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Risk Management Inventory 

Risk Management Inventory 

Review Insurance, Benefits and Benefit Selection

Review Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

FSA, HSA, Other

Review current insurance

Review 3-year disability - Client / Spouse

Risk Management Survey
Planning for "What if Scenarios"

Planning for "What if Scenarios"


Negative Visualization Exercise / Discussion  

Worst Case Scenario Review 

Risk Management Statement

Understand risk management strategy

Understand risk and consequences to financial plan 

Action Items

Confirm benefit selection

Review / update insurance policies and beneficiaries as recommended

Make changes to benefits or set reminder to make changes to benefits at next open enrollment

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