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Cash Strategy

What is a Cash Strategy 

What is a Cash Strategy 

Financial Plans require fuel to keep them going. That fuel is cash.  Having a cash strategy provides clients with an understanding of their opportunities, limits and challenges.  Having a cash strategy is the foundation from which the rest of the plan is built.  

How much cash should be maintained over the next 12 - 36 months? 

Are there ways we can earn more interest on our cash?

Where is the best place to put cash for short term and emergency savings? 

What resources do we have to contribute to our financial goals? 

What is our savings rate? 

Where can we capture additional savings?  

Schedule a Cash Strategy Meeting
Identify Known and Planned Spending 

Identify Known and Planned Spending 

Identify major planned or anticipated expenses over the next 5 years

Start recommended reading

Reflect on spending and discuss planned spending

Identify where you like to spend money and get the most value 

Identify where you do not like to spend money the provides the least amount of value

Set a habit to review cash flows regularly

Proactively plan and visualize spending

Milestones & Deliverables

Cash Flow Statement

Financial Visibility and Accountability

Establish, refine or change spending and savings goals

Planned Spending Worksheet

Reports, Advice and Awareness

What will we do to get an understanding of our Cash Flows and Cash Strategy? 

Review eMoney Organizer

Review and confirm contributions to savings and investment accounts 

Review planned spending

Review liabilities and liability payments

Review 5 Year Cash Flow Statement

Visualize our estimated financial capacity

Reflect on current spending and budget

Receive Cash Strategy

Recommendations to fund short term financial goals 

Recommendations to fund long term financial goals 

Recommendations for emergency savings

Recommendations on cash location

Recommendations to support liquidity

The Value of a Cash Strategy

Why do we build a Cash Strategy? 

A Cash Strategy is a process that helps us understand how much cash we need to maintain to serve our financial plan.  

It gives us guidelines and priorities on where, when and how to position excess cash.

Provides a means to understand where, when and how we should liquidate our assets to fund our goals and income requirements. 

Can reduce current and future dependence on unsecured debt and credit cards. A Cash Strategy can reduce the likelihood we will have to liquidate  investments at inopportune times or for purposes other than their intended purpose. 

Can increase our financial ability to deal with future expenses, planned and unplanned.

Holds the potential to increase the rate of interest we earn on cash and cash equivalents