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Financial Planning Subscription

How We Work

Many traditional financial services firms focus on selling insurance and managing investments.  They do not offer a way to get objective advice on the thousands of other financial questions that have an impact on your life.  It is common for those firms to have minimums that disqualify most consumers, and a culture built around constantly selling you a product(s). 

At Sterling Edge Financial we offer ongoing financial planning services and advice for a monthly fee.  Our process is designed to support ongoing custom advice to serve your financial plan, objectives and goals.  Our clients pay us a financial planning fee to get written ongoing advice, recommendations, updates and ideas to serve their financial plan that do not involve the sale of a product or money management.

Advice, Coaching, Education & Engagement

Advice, Coaching, Education & Engagement

We adhere to an advice-first approach that prioritizes your best interests as fiduciaries. This approach involves crafting a comprehensive financial plan for all our clients. But what exactly is financial planning? It's a dynamic process that helps individuals and families gain clarity on their priorities and make well-informed financial decisions, extending beyond the realms of mere investments and insurance.

Here's why we're genuinely enthusiastic about financial planning and why we incorporate this process into our service for all our clients:

  1. Tailored to You: Financial plans revolve around you and your specific goals and financial sustainability. What holds emotional significance, importance, and feasibility for you and your family is unique. Our aim is to deeply comprehend your needs and actively contribute to your financial journey and personal narrative.
  2. Beyond Investments and Insurance: The most significant financial decisions in your life often have little to do with investment or insurance strategies. Financial plans offer a structured platform to engage in discussions about these pivotal decision points, ensuring that we incorporate potential outcomes into your plan.
  3. Listening and Asking: Our initial duty is to listen attentively to your needs and pose insightful questions. This practice empowers our clients with valuable insights, ideas, concepts, processes, realistic expectations, risk identification, and a clear sense of purpose and priorities. These elements are instrumental in facilitating well-informed financial decisions.

In summary, our approach revolves around understanding you, addressing your unique financial aspirations, and providing you with the knowledge and guidance to make informed choices, ultimately empowering you to shape your financial future.

What do you get from an Ongoing Financial Plan Subscription ?

What do you get from an Ongoing Financial Plan Subscription ?

You get access to ongoing advice and educational events to serve your financial mindset and plan. 

Accountability, timely reminders and help implementing your plan are all a part of the process.  


Standard Financial Planning Deliverable Examples Include

  1. Personal Online Financial Management Platform
  2. Cash Strategy and Five Year Cash Flow Plan 
  3. Insurance and Benefits Strategy 
  4. Investment Strategy 
  5. Tax Strategies and Coordination with Tax Professionals
  6. Estate Planning and Account Titling Strategy 
  7. Behavioral Coaching, Accountability, Education and Reminders
  8. Support by Email, Phone and Text 
  9. Regular meeting time 2 - 6 times per year as needed

Life Decisions and Financial Decision Making

Life Decisions and Financial Decision Making

Life presents us with a multitude of choices, challenges, and decisions. Having a trusted partner to engage in thoughtful discussions about your choices and financial matters can empower you to make more informed decisions.

These pivotal life moments and financial considerations include:

1. Relocation
2. Assessing Job Opportunities
3. Marriage, Combining Finances, and Homeownership
4. Starting a Family and Selecting Family Health Coverage
5. Venturing into Entrepreneurship or Changing Careers
6. Financial Planning for Children, Including Childcare Options
7. Saving for Higher Education and Life Experiences

Moreover, we provide expertise in:

8. Financial Organization for Transitioning Control During Health Challenges
9. Retirement Planning and Income Strategy
10. Navigating Tax Strategies and Discussing with Your Accountant
11. Understanding Stock Options and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
12. Interpreting Estate Planning Documents to Align with Your Financial Goals
13. Leveraging Tax Professionals to Enhance Your Financial Plan

We serve as your thinking partner, guiding you through these critical decisions and financial matters to help you achieve your goals and secure your financial future.

The Evolution of Decisions over Time 

The Evolution of Decisions over Time 

Your desires and goals today may not align with what you envisioned a decade ago. Plans evolve, and your circumstances are in a perpetual state of flux, influenced by various external factors beyond our direct control. This is where having a trusted thinking partner comes into play; they can help you navigate what you can influence and which levers can exert the most significant financial impact, both in the short and long term.

Our financial planning services encompass a wide range of areas, including:

1. Financial Planning for Major Purchases (such as a home, vacation, or business acquisition)
2. Legacy Planning
3. Longevity Planning
4. Special Needs Planning
5. Financial Planning for Business Owners
6. Financial Exit Strategies for Business Owners
7. Retirement Plan Selection (e.g., 401k, SIMPLE IRA, Deferred Compensation, SEP IRA)

Additionally, we provide:

8. Progress Reports and Regularly Updated Net Worth Statements
9. Retirement Income Strategy
10. Alternative Investment Strategy
11. Tax-Managed Investment Strategy
12. College Savings Strategy
13. Student Loan Repayment Guidance

Depending on your unique goals and objectives, some or all of these components may be integrated into your personalized financial plan. Our commitment is to support you in adapting to life's changes and helping you make informed financial decisions that align with your evolving aspirations.

Account Minimums and Fees

Account Minimums and Fees

Our Financial Planning Subscriptions are designed to cater to the needs of individuals and families as well as business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Here are our pricing details:

For Individuals and Families:  The subscription fee for the first year starts at $300.00 per month.

For Business Owners and High Net Worth Individuals: Financial planning for business owners and high-net-worth individuals begins at $1,000.00 per month.

Please note that if your financial situation is exceptionally complex, your fee may be higher. We are committed to transparency, and any fee adjustments will be fully disclosed and communicated before we proceed or sign any agreement.

Regarding Investment Management Fees:

Investment Management Fee Structure:  We do not have specific minimum investment account requirements at Sterling Edge Financial.

Our investment advisory services start at a fee of 1.25% of assets under management per year, billed quarterly.

Investment Management Fee Rates:
- 1.25% for assets ranging from $0 to $1,000,000
- 1.00% for assets exceeding $1,000,001

As for earning commissions, our general practice is to steer clear of commission-based business arrangements. However, in cases where it is in the best interest of our clients or unavoidable, we may provide products or services that involve commissions. Should such a situation arise, we will fully disclose any commissions we earn when recommending and implementing a particular solution, ensuring complete transparency in our client relationships.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing Services

What happens after the first year?  

Renewal financial planning fees are typically 50% of the first year fee or less depending on the amount of ongoing advice required, with most clients paying $50 - $750 per month at renewal. 


Speaking Engagements 

We provide speaking engagements in person and virtual for groups and organizations looking for financial education, prospective and ideas to help them make more informed financial decisions. 


Discounts and Pro Bono

Clients who ask us to build their financial plan and implement their financial will receive a 50% - 75% discount on financial planning fees.  


We offer a 50% discount on financial planning services to military veterans and military spouses, including business owners affiliated with Bunker Labs or graduates of Bunker Labs programs.


We will provide Pro Bono work on a case by case basis by referral only from active clients.