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Financial Planning Subscription

How We Work

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family.  Saving you time during the year to focus on what really matters.  Our financial planning subscriptions enable us to provide ongoing and proactive engagement.  Creating time to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. 

Advice, Coaching, Education & Engagement

Advice, Coaching, Education & Engagement

We believe in an advice first model.  To work in your best interests as a fiduciary we need to build a financial plan together.  Your financial plan will inform you of your possibilities, identify challenges, opportunities and help us identify strategies and decision points to provide your plan with the most value.

Why are we so excited about financial planning?  Why do we go through our process with all of our clients?  

1). Financial Plans are all about you and your desired outcomes and financial sustainability.  What is emotionally relevant, important and possible to you and your family is unique.  We want to understand you and be of service to your journey and your story.  

2). The largest financial decisions of your life have little or nothing to do with investment strategies and insurance strategies.  Financial Plans give us a space to talk about these decision points.  Ensuring we account for their potential outcomes in the plan. 

3). Our first job is to listen to you and ask great questions.  Doing so empowers our clients with prospective, ideas, concepts, processes, realistic expectations, identification of risk, identification of purpose and priorities.  These are of great value in helping you make more informed financial decisions. 

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Client First Model

Client First Model

 Access to ongoing advice and educational events to serve your financial mindset and plans. Accountability, reminders and help implementing your plan.  

Financial Planning Deliverables 

All clients will receive recommendations on the eight areas listed below 

  • Cash Strategy
  • Investment Strategy 
  • Insurance and Benefits Strategy 
  • Tax Strategies 
  • Estate Planning and Account Titling Strategy 
  • Financial Organization and Personal Online Financial Management Platform 
  • Behavioral coaching, accountability, reminders and nudges to help you get to the next step on your check list of financial planning todos.

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What has your attention financially? 

What has your attention financially? 

A few examples of financial decisions we help our clients make: 

  • Moving, evaluating job offers and employee benefit options
  • Getting married, combining finances, buying a house.
  • Starting a family, picking family health insurance. 
  • Starting a business, switching careers, preparing for a year off
  • Planning for financial independence retire early (FIRE) 
  • Retirement Planning, retirement income planning 
  • Financial planning for kids, daycare/nanny
  • Saving for higher education, life experiences 
  • Planning for divorce, planning after a divorce
  • Financial organization to transition financial decisions and control from one spouse to another due to failing health 
  • Understanding basic tax strategies and questions to review with your accountant.  
  • Understanding stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation 
  • Understanding estate planning documents to support your financial plan. 
  • Understanding how working with a tax-professional can support your financial plan.  

 Bigger goals?  Unique challenges?

 Bigger goals?  Unique challenges?

Advanced Financial Planning 

  • Progress reports & regularly updated net worth statements 
  • Retirement Income Strategy  
  • Alternative Investment Strategy 
  • Tax Managed Investment Strategy 
  • College Savings Strategy 
  • Student Loan Repayment 
  • Financial planning for a major purchase (home purchase, vacation, business etc.) 
  • Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Strategies 
  • Legacy Planning 
  • Longevity Planning 
  • Special Needs Planning 
  • Financial Planning for Business Owners 
  • Financial Exit Strategies for Business Owners 
  • Retirement Plan selection (401k, SIMPLE IRA, Deferred Compensation, SEP IRA etc.) 
  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

Depending your goals and objectives some of the above deliverables could be part of your plan

Account Minimums and Fees

Financial Planning Subscriptions 

Planning for individuals and families starts at $200 per month.  

Business owners and higher networth financial planning starts at $400 per month.  

If you have a very complex situation your fee could be higher.  All will be disclosed and communicated before we start or sign an agreement.  

Investment Management Fee

We do not have investment account minimums at Sterling Edge Financial.  We provide investment advisory services starting at 1% of assets under management per year billed quarterly. 

Do we earn commissions? 

In general we avoid commissionable business and only provide products and services that charge a commission if it is in the best interest of our clients or unavoidable.  We will disclose earning commissions should we recommend implementing a solution that we are paid a commission. 

Additional Information 

What happens after the first year?  

Renewal financial planning fees are typically 50% of the first year fee or less depending on the amount of ongoing advice required. 

Speaking Engagements 

We provide speaking engagements in person and virtual for groups and organizations looking for financial education, prospective and ideas to help them make more informed financial decisions. 

Discounts and Pro Bono

Clients with over $500,000 of investable assets may qualify to have their financial planning fee reduced or waived.  

We offer a 50% discount on financial planning services to military veterans and military spouses.  Including business owners affiliated Bunker Labs or graduates of Bunker Labs programs.   

We will provide Pro Bono work on a case by case basis by referral only.