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First Generation Wealth 

Have you achieved a level of financial success much higher than you expected? 

Are you making more money personally or as a family then your parents?

Do you have more financial resources, benefits and choices than you know what to do with or expected? 

Have you come to realize, you need and want help making financial decisions? 

Tired of mass generalized advice that feels uncomfortable and doesn't fit?  

Do not consider yourself wealthy, however you know you are doing well.  

If those questions resinate or feel familiar, you have come to the right place to get advice and advanced resources to up your financial decision making process. Learn, grow, revise, improve and outsource parts of your financial plan. 

The way first generation wealth thinks about, spends, invests and positions money is unique.  The emotional journey leads many to look for a advice from a personal guide.  Sterling Edge Financial is very experienced working with those who identify as First Generation Wealth.  

Income is Higher Than My Parents

Income is Higher Than My Parents

Your family and/or the community you grew up in never had the type of money that you currently do.   

Unsure of What to Do Next? 

Unsure of What to Do Next? 

What got you here, isn't going to get you to your next goal. 

Looking to Improve Financial Decisions

Looking to Improve Financial Decisions

Have you made financial mistakes or find yourself feeling like you are missing out on financial opportunties and advice


Is your househeld income over $150,000 per year? 

High Savings Rate

Do you save or invest over 15% of your income per year? 

Looking for Advice and Education

If you have a current advisor, are you feeling underwhelmed or dissatisfied with their offering?