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First Generation Wealth 

What is first generation wealth? First generation wealth includes those who have or are currently making more money than their parents ever did. They have achieved extreme success and at times may feel that they have achieved more than they thought they would. We are here to help those that have fallen into this group navigate their finances and create a plan that fits their needs and goals.

Your Financial History

Is this you?

Your family and/or the community you grew up in never had the type of money that you currently do?

Your Emotional State 

Do you experience fear, excitement, anxiety to make the most of the wealth you currently have or fear that you will lose it all one day?

Your Financial Goals

Do you find yourself having anxiety over your excess wealth?

Do you have an extreme sense of purpose or a lack there of?

Do you have the desire to create generational wealth if you come from a family that does not have any generational wealth?