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How We Work

Our engagements are all about you.  Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family.  We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify what has your attention financially and personally.  We seek long-term client relationships with those who have a desire to expand their mindset and prospective. With a willingness to start the work required to progress toward their goals.      

The value in financial advice comes as the result of ongoing qualified discussions, conversations and thoughts about our financial priorities, values, opportunities and limitations.  To drive those conversations and support hyper personal engagement with our clients, we have a series of online platforms to help us gather the detailed information required.  Keep that information updated; and generate ongoing written advice, reports and visually compelling progress reports.   

Financial Planning Engagement Examples

Below you will find a few examples of the type of work we do and for who we seek to serve.   

<strong>&#160;Emerging Professionals (Gen Y Gen Z)</strong>&#160;

 Emerging Professionals (Gen Y Gen Z) 

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Strategies

Student Loan Repayment Strategies 

First Time Home Buyer Strategy 

Budgeting Strategies 

Cash Strategy 

Employee Benefits Selection

Investing: How to get started 

Employer Retirement Plan Strategy 

Career Changes

Young Professionals looking to build wealth for an early retirement or work optional life style

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<strong>&#160;</strong><strong></strong><strong></strong><strong>Accelerate Wealth and Family Planning</strong>

 Accelerate Wealth and Family Planning

Getting Married

Combining Finances Coaching

Home Buying Strategy 

Financially Planning for a Child 

Financially Planning for Aging Parents

Advanced Budgeting Strategies

Investing for Retirement

Investing for Educational Expenses 

Alternative Investments

Life Insurance Selection  

Disability Insurance Selection

Tax Strategies 

Estate Planning & Account Titling 

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<b>Financial Independence&#160; Retirement&#160;</b>

Financial Independence  Retirement 

We build strategies to help you retire. 

Including specialized planning for Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) 

Retirement Income Estimates

Retirement Income Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Gifting Strategies 

Scenario Planning 

Advanced Tax Strategies 

Advanced Estate Planning

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<strong>&#160;Business Owners</strong>&#160;

 Business Owners 

Employee Benefits Selection

Private Banking and Borrowing Strategies

Tax Managed Investing

Estate Planning & Account Titling 

Buy - Sell Agreement Funding Strategies 

Deferred Compensation Strategies 

Retirement Plan Selection and Implementation 

Planning for liquidity event / business sale or transition 

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Book a Meeting

Book a Meeting

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Prospective clients can easily book time using the link provided.  We are happy to meet by Zoom, phone or our office in Chicago starting in Summer 2021.  

Book a Meeting
Start Financial Planning

Start Financial Planning

Click here to Access Emoney

Prospective clients can get started by providing information on your financial goals and current actions.  Once complete the information can be used as a starting point at our initial consultation.   

Emoney - Let's Get Started
New Client Profile

New Client Profile

Start Online Profile

Use the link above to securely share financial information, files and contact information.  This information is needed to provide detailed financial advice.  Like your doctor or personal trainer, we need detailed information on your current condition before we can provide advice, recommendations and courses of action to support, improve or impact your desired outcomes & goals.  

Profile Setup
Investment Risk Profile

Investment Risk Profile

We provide all clients a visually compelling way to see and understand their investment risk. 

Seeing Risk Video

Click here to complete your investment risk profile

How do you see investment risk?  What is your emotional capacity for loss?  What is your financial capacity for loss? Complete a risk profile questionnaire to support conversations and advice on investing. 

What's your number?
Budgeting &#38; Cash Flows

Budgeting & Cash Flows

Understanding your income and expenses is the foundation of a good financial plan.  Less than 40% of American households have a budget.  Use the link below or excel spreadsheet provided to get started.  It's ok if it isn't perfect or you are unsure of your spending. We will help you figure it.  

Click here to start your budget
Budgeting - Microsoft

Budgeting - Microsoft

Maybe you prefer an excel spreadsheet to start building your budget.  Use the link to an excel document you can use to start building a budget. You can upload a completed copy to your online vault in Emoney or send it to us via secure email prior to our meeting. 

Budgeting in Excel