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Our Process

Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning Process

We seek to attract and serve clients who want or need a financial plan, advice, strategy and ongoing wealth management services.   

Step 1 - Getting to Know You

Why is money important to you?  What is motivating you to seek financial advice?  Describe your first meaningful experience with money?  What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?  What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 months?  What are you looking for in an advisor?  We want to make sure we are a good fit for your needs and objectives, understanding how you got to where you are today.  

Step 2 – Let's Get Organized

Let's review your current financial standing.  Account statements, tax returns, insurance policies, budget, benefits and financial commitments.  In order to provide great advice and build a plan we will need to collect detailed information on your finances. Don't have it handy?  That's ok, we will help you get organized.  

Step 3 - Initial Recommendations 

At this meeting you will get an easy to read summary of initial recommendations.  These recommendations will be our guide to start working on your financial plan, goals and objectives.  Where should you start? What do you need to do?  How can we build on what you have accomplished so far and take it to the next level?  What actions do you need to take and when should you take them?  Initial recommendations will help you provide us with a list of action items to work on and areas of discussion to further define our financial plan. 

Step 4 - Education, Discussion and Implementation 

The next step explore the financial planning process and provide you with education, meaningful discussions, questions and ways to implement your plan.  As your guide we will take time to coach, teach and advise you through each step of the financial planning process.  We will have discussions, ask questions and take time to define our values, priorities and expectations.  Our initial financial planning engagements are a year in length.  This gives you time to learn, grow, gain confidence, change, challenge and modify behavior.  Lastly we will help you implement your plan.   

Step 5 - Updating, Changes, Challenges & Opportunities 

Financial planning isn't a set it and forget it exercise.  There are going to be changes, challenges, opportunities and big questions to answer and navigate that will inform and impact and change financial plan.  What was best for you when you first started, might not be the best for you today or into the future.  We will help you navigate these decision points, update your plan and adapt to planned and unplanned changes.  

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What do you get with your Financial Planning Subscription? 

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