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Who is Cambridge?

Who is Cambridge?

Who is Cambridge?

Meet Cambridge

One of the advantages we have is our choice to associate with an independent broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research (CIR). Cambridge provides us a platform where we can put the interest of the client first, thereby allowing us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients. Cambridge has no proprietary products and does not underwrite securities, thus mitigating many of the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial services industry.

Through my partnership with Cambridge, we have been able to maintain our independence, objectivity and integrity for the success of our clients. Through Cambridge, we have access to over 10,000 load and no-load mutual funds as well as insurance products, stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, CDs and other financial products so that we can find investments that are right for you.

Cambridge is dedicated to you, the investor, and therefore does not conduct investment banking, produce proprietary research or make markets in the securities recommended to you. The broker dealer aims to provide strength and stability through low-risk financial management. Additionally, Cambridge has advisor supervision and compliance that meets or exceeds requirements of the SEC, FINRA and state regulations. 

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